This tea place is different from the other boba tea shops. The tea taste much better and you can see that they put effort into making the drinks, good quality tea.
Helen Antipuesto
Friendly crews, good quality of tea, very refreshing.
Nora Seo
Great jasmine milk tea - I got 70% sweetness but I think 70 is the perfect 100% sweetness so I’d rather get 50% sweetness to get the perfect amount of sweetness balance. I like that they use lactose free milk because I love boba milk tea but milk hurts my stomach so much. It doesn’t cost extra for the milk choice too :) customer service was great and place was very clean
Sarah B.
I absolutely have to spread the word about Las Vegas' best boba spot- Teazzi! Seriously the best boba I have ever had. The place is so clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the staff is so friendly, helpful, and really take an interest in the product and making sure the customer is satisfied. I went with the Taro latte, and I am still thinking about it. They use real taro and not artificial flavoring. Their option to add oat topping is super unique and delicious. This is my new favorite spot, and if you love boba or have never had it before, Teazzi is a must try!
Jeanette D.
We've been waiting for this place to open so we were excited to try it today! First, the store is very clean and the staff are friendly and welcoming. We ordered Wintermelon tea with brown sugar boba, four seasons with boba and wintermelon tea with boba. All were good, a bit on the sweet side so I'd probably order four seasons less sweet next time. We got the last of this batch of boba so it wasn't quite as soft as we'd love but it was still good. With the official grand opening being lunar new year they are offering a 15% discount this weekend. They also have some special off menu drinks like strawberry cloud slush or the mango cloud slush starting tomorrow (we'll be back to try that too). Very happy this place is open - welcome to the neighborhood!
Jeffrey T.
Decided to try this place out on New Years and I do not regret it. Love the deep roast oolong, four seasons, amber oolong, all the milk teas but my favorite thing is the Oats. I have never had oats before in my milk tea but this concept is delicious. Deep Roast Oolong Milk Tea - I love the dark roast tea flavor especially with oats makes it super hearty. Highly recommended Four Season Milk Tea - Can't go wrong with the four season milk tea, light flavored and yummy. The house special is based off of this tea and tastes great with Boba and Oats Amber Oolong Milk Tea - Right in between the Four Season and Deep Roast. Dark Roast (Black) Milk Tea - I enjoy a nice black tea occasionally too. Highly recommended for those that get traditional Boba Milk Tea. Overall, highly recommend to try if you like tea tea. Also recommend to try the oats as well.
Andrew C.
Came here after lunch recently to try out after finding out about it from a few friends. Didn't realize they were open Christmas Day, otherwise I would have came here since everyone else was closed. Teazzi is the newest tea shop in the Southwest LV area on the SE corner of Windmill and Rainbow, next to the also newly opened Korean bakery Tous les Jours. They specialize in more OOLONG tea's than others but also have jasmine green tea, fruit tea combos, tea lattes, lemonades. I had tried the FOUR SEASONS OOLONG (Taiwan's specialty tea, smooth and sweet) as that was a favorite of mine from another tea place in town that has slightly changed and moved locations, as well as a favorite of my friends, DEEP ROAST OOLONG (Tieguanyin - Iron Goddess - heavily roasted, strong and slightly charred taste). Both ordered at 50% sweetness, less ice. The FOUR SEASONS OOLONG is flavorful and floral, same for the DEEP ROAST OOLONG. Could be a little less sweet so may try 30% next time. Teazzi has become one of my favorite places now, aside from another local tea shop heh.. Only downside is this place is a bit out of the way for me so my chances of getting this is much lower, but maybe for good reason ! Definitely coming back to try the AMBER OOLONG (dong ding oolong) and the DARK ROAST BLACK TEA (unsure what this is but willing to try !)
Pauline Reacts
Tried it today and I love it! The boba was perfectly cooked and perfectly sweet. I got a jasmine milk tea and everything at a standard 100% - if you like more of a tea flavor, I would make it less sweet as it is on the sweeter side (which I love)!
Kenneth Ni
I'm an advent bubble tea drinker and have been waiting to find a place like this shop. Their workers are super friendly and they always make my drinks to perfection. You can tell they make their boba fresh everyday and their tea tastes authentic. Would recommend.